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Welcome to the web site of the engineering office for project execution.

You'll find professional and experienced assistance with the technical implementation of your business in the everyday practice. We represent you and your interests in the desired extent, concerns and at the required places. We want to give you the feeling that your needs are understood and implemented. We want to be your agent, which keeps you free from the minor and major tasks of a project management.

Please feel free to contact us to clarify to what extent we can do serve to you. We look forward to working together!

Thank you and best regards!


+ Engineering full-service consultancy
+ Project handling
+ Management of works
+ Industrial representation
+ Consulting
+ Business initiation / business development
+ Services (regarding planning, technical, etc.)
+ (Dis-) assembling of industrial plants
+ Claims processing / settlement
+ Formalities – service completion


+ Relief in the handling of your business
+ Preservation of your capacities for your core business
+ Professional monitoring of investments
+ Expansion of your resources into non reachable areas
   (technical, organizational, mentally, linguistically, etc.)
+ Accessibility (technical, geographical, political, etc.)
+ Expertise and know-how
+ Minimization of your efforts
+ Minimization of your processing and/or settlement risk
+ Flexibilisation

   In Total:
   Increasing your rate of return by accelerating the
   return on investment.